We Provide Global Financial Expertise With Patented AI For All Industries.


Bias drives the prejudice in how ‘the west’ interacts with emerging economies and as much as it is hard to hear – it is humans driving that bias. We are passionate about solving this issue by removing human intervention in KYC/AML processes to improve accuracy eliminate prejudice in emerging markets.

We Measure Behaviour, Not Background.

We achieve this through a global in-house banking infrastructure for seamless geographical transactions, monitored by a smart and reliable KYC/AML platform. Our second goal is to be the world’s first Web 3.0 bank with an intelligent and predictive KYC/AML platform.

What Tintra offers

We Provide Individual Or Combined Services To Clients & Corporations.


➲ Fair fees, without complexity
➲ Fund agility
➲ Frictionless processing complying with regulatory checks