We are a diversified cultural team that understands in an authentic way. We know your challenge isn’t the same as your neighbour.

At Tintra we believe that drive and passion are the winning elements to achieve personal growth. We understand that each of our employees have a unique path and set of challenges and support our teams collective and individual needs globally.

We work at speed with a drive to get the job done. “Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can get done today.”

We work with respect for our clients and each other and we ensure that we always respond at speed, enabling our colleagues to achieve their objectives.

We encourage our team to be inquisitive and ask searching questions to improve their knowledge, nobody is criticised for asking a question and improving their understanding for the benefit of themselves and the team.

We want people to love coming to work and sharing the success of Tintra. You will work in an environment that develops great minds, encourages entrepreneurial spirit, and recognises outstanding performance. We shall reward success through our bonus scheme where everybody in the business can share in the success of the Company.