The Tintra Foundation’s Message Is At The Heart Of Our Philosophy – Protecting & Preserving Ancient Wisdom.

We know that the past informs our future, and both have an important role in unlocking a better world. The first foundation of its kind, we are using patented artificial intelligence technology to preserve ancient cultural wisdoms, creating an encyclopaedia of traditional knowledge.


We support all heritage and cultural preservation organisations, as well as championing academics and researchers in the field. We offer funding for research and projects around the world, to ensure our mission of preserving indigenous knowledge is accomplished.

Extending this invaluable knowledge beyond borders, barriers and time, the Tintra Foundation believes that this technology will both support and empower Indigenous Peoples, whilst encouraging recognition of their sophisticated understandings and practices. Bringing together the ancient wisdom of the natural world and the freshest perspectives, the Tintra Foundation recognises the power in balancing preservation with innovation.

Indigenous peoples around the world are united by both their inter-connectedness with the natural world and sadly, the threats that they face. Victim to discrimination, acculturation and climate change at a disproportionate rate, the existence of indigenous peoples is under grave threat, and with that, so is their knowledge. With 476 million Indigenous people globally, to record and preserve more than a tiny percentage of such knowledge seems a near impossible feat.

How will the Foundation protect and preserve?

◆ Build a global community of thought-leaders, academics and advocates.

◆ Use unique cutting-edge, technology, approaches, and ideas to help guide and enrich our cause and to share our passion and determination.

◆ Utilise machine learning, to create an encyclopedia of ancient knowledge – a modern-day Library of Alexandria.

◆ Educate and enlighten, present and document, weaving ground-breaking artificial intelligence and historical wisdoms together, to pass on the knowledge to future generations.

◆ Work with Indigenous people and communities around the world, creating understanding and preserving thousands of years of history, before it is lost.

Empower Indigenous communities to maintain their ways of living.

Across the world, we are increasingly understanding how medical advancements can come from incorporating both ancient and traditional wisdom with new scientific discovery: by looking to our past, we can make for a better future, following Tintra’s ethos of inclusion, not conflict.

Our connection to our past is vital for remaining interconnected in our future. The loss of indigenous knowledge, ancient wisdoms and communities not only is an immediate threat to the people living in those environments, but removes a vital link for medical advances, understanding the human condition and improving the quality of life for all of humanity.