Our First Patent Paves the Way for Financial & Social Inclusion

This new patent, issued on 28 March 2023 with number 11615399, represents the first validation of Tintra’s strategy in developing revolutionary banking infrastructure.

As our CEO, Richard Shearer, often says: the banking of tomorrow is a mix of yesterday and today, not a zero-sum equation between legacy and Web3 technologies, as is commonly thought.

Through our unique combination of the utility provided by future technologies built within the regulatory framework of legacy banking, we do in technology what we also do in culture: we build bridges between old and new, developed and developing, the past and the future.

Through this unique patented position, we will drive financial and social inclusion through smart products across the emerging world in a way only previously imagined.

Our artificial intelligence models will enable future customers to establish that they have been rigorously verified by a globally regulated business. This patent will then enable them to share this verification securely in a currently unregulated sector, building the bridge between those with limited digital access to wallets and mobile payments and legacy banking.

By doing this, we are an integral player in driving more disclosure, openness, and commercial security into a space that currently lacks these qualities. It is this thinking that is creating excitement from Qatar to Rwanda to Washington DC.

This first patent in Tintra’s ever-growing portfolio is the first of several building blocks that are currently patent pending. These in combination will establish Tintra as the global provider of banking infrastructure to the emerging world.

Frictionless global transfers, secure sovereign identity ownership, the inclusion of the globally underbanked and unbanked, and the future extension of banking experiences in emerging ecosystems; all become a reality through Tintra’s rapidly developing infrastructure. This patent marks the first flag along that truly revolutionary journey.

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