Our CEO, Richard Shearer, Discusses Unbanked Population in BBC Interview

We are pleased to announce Tintra CEO, Richard Shearer’s appearance on BBC Business Daily show discussing the issue of The Unbanked, which is not only exciting news but also an important step towards creating awareness and addressing a critical global problem.


Listen Now.

According to the World Bank, more than a billion people worldwide do not have access to basic financial services. This means that they are excluded from the formal banking system, making it difficult for them to save money, get loans, or access other financial tools that can improve their lives.

Shearer’s appearance on the BBC Business Daily show sheds a light on the challenges faced by the unbanked and the potential solutions to address this issue and how we can work towards ensuring that everyone has access to financial services.


Tintra Feature begins at 12:27 seconds.
Source: BBC Sounds