Appointment of Independent Non-Executive Director


 (“Tintra”, the “Group” or the “Company”)


Appointment of Independent Non-Executive Director

The Board is pleased to announce the appointment yesterday of Dr Vanessa Neumann as an Independent Non-Executive Director for the next stage of the Group’s progress.

Dr Neumann brings a wealth of relevant experience to Tintra, with particular expertise on matters concerning Latin America, which has been identified as a key area to the future development of the Group’s Artificial Intelligence led banking infrastructure business.  Dr Neumann is a native Venezuelan, with a varied career as a diplomat, author, and entrepreneur, as well as a globally sought expert on transnational threats, Latin American business, and financial business integrity.

Dr Neumann founded and leads the Latin American business consultancy, Asymmetrica Inc. She is the author of Blood Profits (2017), and its Brazilian edition, Lucros de Sangue (2018), as well as co-author of The Many Criminal Heads of the Golden Hydra (2018), about trafficking and illicit finance in South America’s Tri-Border Area.

She has worked closely with both the US and UK governments, and various international organisations, including the UN and the OECD, where she served four years (2013-2017) on the Task Force to Combat Illicit Trade (TF-CIT). As the Venezuelan Interim Government’s official representative to the UK (2019-2020), Dr Neumann participated in the legal dispute over control of Venezuela’s gold deposited at the Bank of England. Since then, she has joined the advisory boards of two US-based cybersecurity firms.

She holds a doctorate from Columbia University and a fellowship at the Global Justice Program at Yale University. Dr Neumann is a frequent commentator in the global media and speaks seven languages.


Dr Neumann said, “I’m delighted to join the board of Tintra and lend a hand to its ambitions for frictionless financial bridging of business in emerging markets to the rest of the world. Economic inclusion is key to socially just development, and Tintra’s mission to leverage cutting edge KYC and AML technology to provide that inclusion is one that matches the values that have shaped my career. I look forward to working with Richard Shearer and the rest of his team to realise the vision and being part of Tintra’s growth trajectory.” 


Richard Shearer, Tintra’s CEO, said, “I am delighted that we are welcoming Dr Neumann today. Vanessa and I have, for several months, been discussing both the philosophies and strategies that are shaping the future of our Company now and, we hope, the broader financial sector as we continue to execute at pace.


Vanessa’s skill set and world view is an almost perfect fit with our vision of using artificial intelligence to rethink the way in which compliance and regulatory hurdles are met, and indeed surpassed, in a rapidly evolving financial landscape.


The depth of experience in both the public and private sectors that Vanessa brings to the Company is going to prove to be integral as our anticipated Puerto Rico banking licence comes online later in the year and our LATAM strategies start to take shape.”