Compliance Analyst – AI Led bank

London office

At Tintra, our reason for being, or Ikigai, is simple. We enable fully borderless financial inclusivity, measured through behaviour, rather than by background.

With the experience and reputation of over 16 years working with some of the world’s leading corporations. We are experts at solutions for cross-border deals and international trade transactions. We pride ourselves on our local relationships around the world to help good people and their businesses operating from complicated places. We believe in a world without inherent bias or prejudice. We want everyone to be given a fair opportunity. That is why our patentable artificial intelligence is free from human bias, while providing best-in-class risk mitigation.

“We are building emerging market focused banking technology and infrastructure to enable financial institutions, multinationals and large corporates in the emerging world to access global banking infrastructure without bias or prejudice in an environment where we control the compliance exposure from end to end”, CEO, Tintra plc.

This role will support the ongoing work required for preparation of compliance frameworks and support to the core banking system build.


Primary Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Support Core Banking Project Team with design and testing in relation to maintaining compliance with regulations.
  2. Designing and embedding transactional monitoring processes
  3. Management of AML/KYC alerts at initial identification
  4. Evaluating internal operational and procedural compliance
  5. Analysing and updating existing compliance policies and related documentation
  6. Developing and rolling out new compliance policies and procedures as required
  7. Producing relevant management information
  8. Developing and maintaining a compliance recordkeeping system
  9. Training employees on compliance standards
  10. Keeping up with compliance requirements and amendments to regulations



  • Previous experience as a compliance analyst in a related field.
  • In-depth knowledge of industry compliance requirements and standards.
  • Proficiency in Risk & Compliance management software
  • Exceptional ability to formulate compliance policies, procedures, and related documentation.
  • Advanced analytical abilities.
  • Ability to effectively train employees on AML/KYC regulations
  • Exceptional communication and interpersonal skills.