Market Access’s New Website Launches

We are delighted to announce the launch of Market Access's brand new website, which launched earlier today. About Market Access What makes Market Access different is the full business solution for funds and currency management. Market Access caters for businesses, large and small, who are looking for new card processing, foreign exchange, virtual banking [...]

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Brexit Vote Likely to Impact Sterling

Sterling traders will be keeping a close watch on proceedings in the House of Commons where MPs will be voting on 15 House of Lords amendments to the EU Withdrawal Bill. These amendments include requiring the UK to negotiate a customs union with the EU before passing the final bill and giving parliament more [...]

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Digital wallets and FX will play an important role in supporting globalisation

Most conversations about the benefits of digital wallets focus on the benefits to consumers; safer than cash, quicker and more convenient than visiting the ever diminishing number of bank branches and how they eliminate little things like the need to input credit card details or a PIN to complete a purchase. However, digital wallets aren't [...]

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FX market update | May 2018 | Pound under pressure

What goes up must come down as the saying goes. Six weeks of sustained gains by Sterling against the Dollar during March and April quickly came to a halt in the second half of April and losses continued into the first week of May. Recent Highs and Lows: 28th February                    1.3761 16th April                            [...]

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