Did the World Cup Impact the Economy?

Did the World Cup impact the economy? Yes, but not by much and perhaps the Weather had more of an impact than 'it nearly coming home'. "Retail sales grew strongly across the three months to June 2018 as the warm weather encouraged shoppers to buy food and drink for their BBQs. However, in June retail sales [...]

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Global Growth Expected to Ease

According to The World Bank, global growth is projected to stabilize at 3.1 percent in 2018—the same pace as last year—supported by firming investment in advanced economies, a continued recovery in commodity-exporting emerging market and developing economies, and still robust growth in commodity-importing ones. However, only in a minority of countries will activity accelerate further this year, and global [...]

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Italy’s Economic Impact of Missing The World Cup

This summer, it won't just be the Italian public looking a bit glum as countries from around the world take part in the World Cup. Gli Azzurri's failure to qualify for the World's premier sporting competition for the first time since 1958 may cost the nation around 1 Billion Euros. “It’s not only about [...]

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Technology supports economic mobility

If you are born into a low-income family, you might think it a 'no-brainer' that the only way is up and that surpassing your parents wealth was easily achievable. Take a deeper look and economic mobility is a global issue which matters for fighting poverty, reducing inequality, and even for boosting growth. Sadly, mobility has stalled [...]

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Digital wallets and FX will play an important role in supporting globalisation

Most conversations about the benefits of digital wallets focus on the benefits to consumers; safer than cash, quicker and more convenient than visiting the ever diminishing number of bank branches and how they eliminate little things like the need to input credit card details or a PIN to complete a purchase. However, digital wallets aren't [...]

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